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I have long said that I was not lucky enough to be born in the Green Bay area, but I was smart enough to move here as an adult.


After moving to the area in  2001, I became involved in the neighborhood association as the newsletter editor, vice-president, and, eventually, president. When the opportunity came up to run for public office, I took it - not only because it was something I had always wanted to do, but because it allowed me to represent more of my neighbors. Four Brown County Supervisor elections later, I am taking the opportunity to be a public servant at the state level.

As a county supervisor, I have found ways to incorporate new, progressive ideals into a legislature that was beset by inertia and staunch conservativism. Building coalitions, finding common ground and knowing how and when to compromise are all skills sorely needed in Madison. 

When not at meetings, I have had a career in higher education as a professor, administrator, and analyst.  The environmental issues that I taught for so many years inform topics that I will face in the legislature.  I live in Allouez with my wife, Jennifer and our cat Sophie.  I appreciate your support and look forward to representing you.

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